What We Offer.

Fine Arts

In a time where most schools are reducing or completely cutting their fine arts program, we have been expanding our program. We offer wonderful drama and music opportunities, K-12. We put on a yearly musical (7th-12th), and have several performances and competitions throughout the year. We also offer art to all our classes, and have a showcase every spring.

Affordable Tuition

  • We are one of the most competitively priced schools in the area. We offer different payment options, as well as Financial Aid. 
  • Tuition Pricing:
  • K4-Kindergarten – $2,100 per year
  • Elementary – $2,800 per year
  • Junior High – 3,100 per year
  • High School – $3,400 per year

Award Winning Sports

We offer the opportunity for your child to play both Fall and Winter Sports. In the Fall, we offer Volleyball for girls (5th-12th grade). In the Winter, we offer Basketball for boys (5th-12th grade). We have won a state title for Basketball in the past, and have placed multiple times in Volleyball. We now play in the very competitive ICSO.

College Opportunities

Our High School students are eligible to participate in the College Credit Plus program, allowing them to take free college classes while still in High School. Our diplomas are state recognized and have been accepted at Ohio Christian University, University of Akron, Mount Vernon, Malone, Kent State, Rosedale, and Ohio State University.

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