Our Beginning

Faith Christian Academy has been in the education business for over 30 years. We began in 1992 as a combined effort from several Mennonite Churches that were searching for a school to educate their children, while still allowing students to embrace their Christian values. Our graduates have gone on to do some amazing things. Our alumni can be found working in many different areas. We have Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, IT Techs, Accountants, Teachers, Engineers, Geologists, and many other professionals that claim FCA as their home. 

FCA’s mission is to Inspire, Develop, and Equip students for God’s Kingdom through Christian Education, Community, Athletics, and Fine Arts.

Our Host

Mr. Weaver

A podcast talking about the advantages of a Christian education. Interviews with staff, parents, coaches, alumni and more!

Sue Wengerd, known as Ms. Sue, is in her second year at Faith Christian Academy. Her title might be “Administrative Assistant” but she is better known for her ice packs, bandaids, and candy drawer. Ms. Sue enjoys spending time outdoors, sipping coffee, cooking comfort foods, and, yes, binge-watching Netflix. Ms. Sue sees her job as a mission and finds great joy in the smiles and hugs from the students.

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